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wear this there: azure sky palm springs

Just in a knick of time, i was very kindly invited to come and check out a fairly new palm springs hotel. i was very ‘over’ the foggy days enveloping california for all of may and, so far, much of early june, so when the azure sky hotel asked if i might like a night away, i eagerly jumped on it and into my car to zip the short two hours away to the palm springs desert. part of the mr & mrs smith travel club for hotel lovers, the azure sky hotel has been recently renovated and designed by anne l’esperance, and it’s everything i could have asked for and more. quiet — check. sunny warm sunshine — check! all that, and a really lovely room, complete with kitchenette, fully stocked mini-bar, comfy living room, and my very own backyard hammock. the bed was divine, as were the sheets (always important to me!), and not only did the azure sky provide all those luxuries, but they also provide free bicycles for cruising into town, which is just a short ride away.

i thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse at the azure sky and, while i’m at it, create a wear this there ensemble — i’m sharing what i packed for a quick but very relaxing weekend in the desert. i packed pretty light with some mix and match pieces, like a simple black tank top i could wear with demin shorts for day, and at night pair with a light blazer and lightweight black cargo pants and mesh t-bar sandals. i added a black wrap dress for evening, too and a few baubles to dress it up. a couple of swimsuits — both a ruched one-piece and a high-waisted bikini and top. of course, i included my lorna murray sunhat and favorite sunglasses and cute pool coverup dress. don’t forget a favorite poolside read — i suggest inheritance: a memoir of genealogy, paternity, and love by dani shapiro. i loved this memoir about a staggering family secret uncovered by the author’s random genealogy test. we did one of these dna tests and found out some pretty crazy information about my grandmother. but that’s a story for another time — enjoy your palm springs weekend at the azure sky — they’re also offering summer discounts should want to take a quick trip to this dreamy desert oasis!

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